From Franconia – straight to the table

Our regional culture is strongly characterised by agriculture. Even our hotel owner, Mr Bischoff, used to be one of the biggest farmers in the area! The pristine landscape around us is a source of healthy food, and we want to support local farming by putting together a selection of dishes that predominantly use ingredients produced in the region.

Our suppliers are reliable producers who take great care of the resources entrusted to them – whether farm, stable, forest, field or lake. The food travels just a short distance (where possible, it comes directly from the producer) to guarantee freshness. It is then carefully stored to help it retain its qualities and superior taste, after which we put it to good use in cooking up our Franconian delights.

By sourcing our fresh products directly from local producers, we are also making a major contribution to preserving our natural living environment. Shorter delivery routes means less traffic, less waste and less pollution. In this way you, dear guest, are helping to preserve the Franconian cultural landscape and, from a global viewpoint, to maintain ecological balance.

Great products, excellent taste

Under the slogan “Regionalbuffet”, a number of farmers, trading enterprises and inns in Romantic Franconia have joined forces to support the production and use of really fresh, premium food products from the region, for superb quality and an excellent taste. Our Sonne chefs at use these products to conjure up a variety of fine-tasting regional dishes for you to enjoy.


Our suppliers

Supplier nameProducts suppliedLocation
Hahn family

Poultry, eggs, noodles

Gottmannsdorf (7 km )
König family – Schmalzmühle Farm


Wassertrüdingen ( 45 km )
Volz Mill

Flour, spelt, muesli

Schlauersbach (2 km )
Zwingel Farm Potatoes Rednitzhembach ( 25 km )
Flachenecker Farm

Potatoes, jam

Windsbach (7 km )
Local hunter Venison Neuendettelsau Petersaurach
Hammon Bakery Bread rolls         Neuendettelsau
Hausmann-Seitzinger Fish Farm

Local fish varieties, smoked fish

Altendettelsau (2 km )

Eiden Butchers

Bratwurst, sausages, beef and pork

Kreiselmeier family Asparagus Heilsbronn ( 5 km )

Dorn Bräu brewery


Bruckberg ( 18 km )

Fruit juices

Bernhardswinden ( 20 km )

Schnapps, apple & elderberry juice

Wippenau ( 36 km )